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Küüvits Sünge decided to form band, something in the vein of Burzum and Kalm. Even band name was already chosen – Soontagana. Only there was a total lack of instruments and musicians. Nevertheless, some tunes were created on guitars, borrowed from friends.
Küüvits met Kristjan, who was inspired by folk metal, so instead of playing black metal, they tried to create some national romantic metal. In this year Küüvits went to military service and band was hibernated for some time.
After Küüvits’s arrival from military service, some rehearsals took place again and even some songs were created. But then came time for Kristjan to join army and he lost his interest in band. Küüvits was left alone once again, as folk wasnt really his cup of tea, Soontagana was put on held (it’s not really buried, maybe you can hear some music from this project in future). Küüvits felt that must feed his soul with music he really likes and continued with true black metal. Together with change of direction, new name was needed for band.
On autumn was finished first black metal song “Veretasu Maade Poeg”, what set landmarks for a new band. Autumn of 2002 can be considered as start point for still nameless band. Creation of news song took a long long time. Everything was delayed, the main reason could be, that Küüvits didnt had any “real band” background. He had no idea about many things and even no idea where to find other band members.
Küüvits moved temporarily from Pärnu to Põlva. Here seemed to be same situation, no hope for forming band. Anyway, Küüvits found motivation to go on and not to drop everything. On this autumn band gets name “Tarm” ( willpower).
Küüvits tries one more time and puts some advertisements to local metal portal. Two weeks later he gets phonecall. It took so many time, but suddenly band has full line up and its ready for battle. The first lineup: Kägo (that one who called) – guitar, Sander – bass, Mäks – drums. Küüvits himself played second guitar and screamed. Mäks didnt stayed to a long time, he left after couple of rehearsals. Temporarily came to his place Thonolan from Urt. In the end of year Mari-Liis joined ..boards, but only for a while, band dropped that idea.
Küüvits decided to concentrate on singing and invited Oll from Urt to play guitar. On 19. march was made first rehearsal recording, to hear positive and negative sides of band’s abilities. On 21. april took place first gig of Tarm. It happened in Rock & Roll club (Tartu) and it was followed by great afterparty in Narusk and Taevaskoja. In july band started recording of demo, what was released on 8. september by Hexenreich Records (150 handnumbered copies + some promos). On 21. november nationwide metalshow “Metallion” on Raadio 2, airplayed Tarm’s song “Veretasu Maade Poeg”.
In the beginning of year (January) started recording session in Tartu. And already in February Kägo was excluded from band, because of uncompetency, unexpected loss of trust, empty promises and he was not participating in rehearsals anymore. Second and third live happened on 3 and 12 May, in same place as first gig. Meanwhile, recording progress slowed down drastically, because lack of funds. Only at summer we continued, because of kind agreement with studio, that we can pay later. Summer, again time for changes. Band had several disagreements, what lead to collapse. After midsummer was clear, who goes on what way. Reasons were „building” disagreements and wish of Küüvits to move back to Pärnu. And studio payments were still delayed. At autumn Küüvits called to Saku (Third Descent) and they started to look for new bandmembers. New songs for third album were ready, but they still had problems with finding new members. Then Küüvits decided to return to hometown. Studio bill was paid, but releasing of second album was still delayed. Now it was clear that it will happen only in next year. Before end of year, Küüvits invited Tanel from Third Descent (guitar) to join the band.
At least Tarm’s second album „Nad Tulevad Kääpaist” was released by Regimental Records (USA). Sadly it not turned at as great as we expected. CD covers doesnt have quality print and somebody messed up tracklist. Ex-members showed up interest to make last gig with old lineup, so it happened on 26. April in Pärnu Rock Club. Küüvits wrote songs for third album during summer, just before autumn Arks (guitar) joined Tarm. In September gets Tarm offer to play gig in Lithuania. Week later, all vacant lineup places were filled: Priit – bass (TD), Erkki – drums (TD). Gig took place on 29. November in Siauliai, Havana club. In December was clear that Saku will not continue in Tarm.
In January band gets two more gig offers. First in Tallinn on 23. January and second in Pärnu Rock Club. The second one was totally pointless, Küüvits makes his own conclusions, how to behave, where to play gigs and how often…In March plans for next studio session emerge, but band has financial problems, as most of members basically don’t have any income

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